BOOM! The Legends of Mt. St. Helens

Olé MA5
Mt. St. Helens ash gifted to me by a friend.
The Veil
Mt. St. Helens
 Lonely Warrior
Scout          -          $2,000
Forever Young

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Entry of STAG.jpg

BOOM! The Legends of Mt. St. Helens @STAGallery

Collabing with musician Ken Jacobsen. He's been writing an original score to a collection of my art. Stay tuned...

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Foote's studio is in Tacoma, WA. He teaches art & language arts at an alternative high school. Foote's body of work spans decades. Inspired by nature, spirituality, current as well as historical events, Foote’s art often emerges out of a process. Ideas, experiments, and techniques culminate in pieces that gain a life of their own. Resourcefulness and regular reflection are critical to Foote’s process, while curiosity, refined technique and patience allow his art to develop over time. In the end, art is a meditation that lets Foote push into new territory, while helping him sort out being alive.
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