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About Us

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Wauthors are best friends, school teachers, parents, uncles, and life long Imaginers. As teachers we see first hand the stifling effects that constant technology can have on creativity. With imaginations becoming more and more passive, it is more important than ever to activate our imagination! Through skill building activities and creative play, we help develop imaginations while having fun!

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Our Story

As best friends, we have played together with our imaginations for over 30 years! From Dungeons & Dragons campaign adventures, creating new games, building obstacle courses while backpacking, traveling and taking road trips, and more, we have learned from each other, pushed each other, taught each other, and grown together. This book has been over ten years in the making, balancing families, friendships, careers, and life. We have dedicated ourselves to finishing this book, and bringing something good, useful, and new to the world. In a world that has shifted more and more into the virtual realms and into passive imgagination territory, this book is a throwback to good old fashioned play! Whether it's creating props as a family, dreaming up new ideas for a future career, or overcoming our limited perspectives, this books helps us all to explore beyond the boundaries of our known world and embrace the hidden realms of fantasy, magic and imagination. 

Meet The Team

Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to access, grow, and improve their imaginations!

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