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Memories of Mañana 

Newest work by Shawn Foote

"Sometimes we hold onto things knowing they'll disappear. Other times we don't even know what we got until it's gone. Change is a constant and with it new things arrive. Yet somethings never change, and so what actually endures in the face of change?  We are all in a constant state of becoming... maybe a little change will do you good."  - Future Reflections

(Originals are painted and sewn mixed media collage on canvas.)

 The Deal 

Purchase an original art piece in this series and automatically own the NFT created from the original artwork linked to it. (I will hold the asset temporarily and register it in your name until you have a proper crypto wallet to hold the NFT). If you purchase an NFT in this series you will automatically own the original art. I will arrange to send you the original artwork, though shipping costs will be added. 

Originals and NFTs

(Click on images for more information.)

Uno Momento GIF.gif
Uno Momento.jpg
om! GIF.gif
Herd Immunity.jpg
Herd Immunity GIF.gif
Smile GIF.gif
Gratitudal Altitude.gif
Gratitudal Altitude.jpg

What they're saying... 

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